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Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent, sophisticated and evolving too quickly for traditional training providers to keep pace. We provide Israeli-led simulator based training to guard against the latest cyber threats. 

Offering access to Israeli frontline cybersecurity practitioners & simulator-based learning pathways delivered on-demand.

Offering a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity courses, content and simulated training programs with learning pathways designed for both technical and non-technical participants, delivered digitally and on-demand.

The threat of cyber attack has become a clear and present danger for Australian companies, with new attack vectors being weaponised each day while the frequency and ferocity of attack is greater than ever. 

Our training providers have extensive civil and military cybersecurity operational experience. We're not academics. We offer unparalleled insight and understanding of cutting-edge tools, technologies and strategies to design, implement and manage an effective threat defence for your organisation. 

Dynamic, simulated training environments.
Broad & diverse learning pathways.
Tailored learning by industry & company.
Learn from frontline cyber practitioners.

As the frequency and severity of attacks grow, staff are increasingly becoming the weakest links within organisations.

Offering a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity courses, content and simulated training programs with learning pathways designed for both technical and non-technical participants, delivered digitally and on-demand.

Business email compromise scams involving targeted phishing and hacking of businesses has resulted in the most significant losses across all cyber threat categories in 2019/20.
The costs of these attacks are skyrocketing with social engineering driven scams remaining the number one attack vector for criminal and nation state hackers.
Investment in training and development can play a crucial role in blunting the likelihood and severity of a potential cyber attack. 

Our Learning Pathways

With a selection of both short-form and long-form course content, and learning pathways, Ioti offers a suite of courses that can be tailored to the development needs of the organisation.

XE Basics offers an entry-level training program focusing on Cybersecurity, Linux and Python Fundamentals, featuring:

XE Basics

3 Courses

36 Built-in Labs

48 Hours of Training 


Introduction to Cybersecurity
Linux Fundamentals
Python Fundamentals

NX Defence

NX Defence offers a suite of training programs designed to train the Blue Team in defensive best practice.

11 Courses

55 Built-in Scenarios

128 Built-in Labs

440 Hours of Training 


Network Research
SOC Analyst
Windows Forensics
Network Forensics
OSINT Automations
Penetration Testing
Threat Hunting
Network Security
Malware Analysis
Reverse Engineering

ZX Offence

ZX Offence offers a suite of training programs designed to provide best practice offensive training to the Red Team.

7 Courses

35 Built-in Scenarios

82 Built-in Labs

280 Hours of Training 


Cyber Warfare
Web Application
Web Application Hacking
Windows Exploitation
Offensive Python
Exploit Development
Exploit Development Advanced

The CX ICS suite is a training package designed to train ICS/SCADA teams.


3 Courses

10 Built-in Scenarios

30 Built-in Labs

100 Hours of Training 


ICS/SCADA Fundamentals
ICS/SCADA Forensics
ICS/SCADA PenTesting

Cyber-attacks continue to evolve rapidly and universities and traditional training providers are struggling to keep up. 

We’re different from traditional Universities and Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) in Australia.


Our training isn’t delivered by academics, it’s led by frontline domain experts leading Israel’s cybersecurity threat defence.


We offer organisations practitioner-led cybersecurity training with a suite of courses and content that are tailored to the unique nature of the industry and needs of the organisation, its business objectives and its specific requirements. 

We offer a wide range of learning pathways that combine e-classroom education using advanced and innovative simulator-based learning environments where students can hone their capabilities in live-fire simulated cyber attacks in real time.

Personalised for Banks & Financial Institutions

Our training providers have extensive experience in partnering with some of Israel's largest banks, insurance firms, and financial institutions to provide them with on-demand, hyper-relevant simulated cybersecurity training. 

Among them are the three largest Israeli Banks.


Tailored Learning

We have extensive experience training diverse teams from startups and SME's to multinational organisations.

We don't offer generic content. Cyber threats evolve rapidly so our training material must keep pace.

We tailor our learning pathways based on your industry and the specific needs of your organisation.

If you would like to explore how we can train your team, get started below.