Intelligent Automation for Security and Network Devices


BackBox is the leading provider of Intelligent  Automation solutions for all Security and Network  devices. With BackBox connected to all the  devices on the network, mundane and manual  routine management procedures become can now  be automated, providing organizations with piece-  of-mind by reducing overall risk, and saving time,  money, and resources. 

Automated Backup and Recovery


Schedule backups with verifications and single-click recovery.

Dynamic Inventory Management


Real-time inventory information and reports for all devices.

Network Visualisation Map


Tap into any feature through the network map view.

Custom Task Automation


Build custom chains of automation to complete routine tasks.


BackBox offers a simple way to ensure all network and security device backups are fully collected, stored securely, and available to restore with a single-click when needed. Our network and security automation software is also able to provide 1,000’s of other custom task automations associated with the maintaining these devices, as well as dynamic inventory management and pre-emptive device health checks for over 180+ technology vendors.

With BackBox connected to all the devices on the network, many of the mundane and manual routine management procedures become scheduled or automated, providing organizations with piece-of-mind, and saving time, money, and resources.



During our testing process, we were able to discover, connect, health check, populate an inventory, pull a configuration, edit the configuration (add a new banner message), validate that this change would not cause issue, and push the change back to the source device within 7 minutes.

Who is it for

BackBox has been designed for global organizations, with diverse and complex network environments that need to reduce risk, gain operational efficiencies, and want to automate routine network and security tasks associated with backing up and maintaining their network and security devices.



Schedule backups with a 5-step verification and single-click recovery.


Build custom chains of automation to complete routine or complex tasks.


Real-time dynamic inventory information and reports for all devices.


Prevent problems and verify proper operation before it affects the network.


Tap into any BackBox feature through the network map view.


Broadcast commands throughout any number of devices at the same time.

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Free Trial license limited to 30 days.

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Perth, Western Australia

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