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of cyber safety by providing access to cutting-edge cybersecurity software and live-fire simulated training.

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We're building the connective tissue that provides access to remote, world-leading cybersecurity skillsets that are battle-tested in Israel.

Covid-19 accelerated the adoption of new technology to mitigate and manage the impact of the pandemic.


This transformation has unearthed many new cybersecurity threats that businesses continue to be unprepared for.


Business continuity will increasingly depend upon an embedded safety culture that has the capability to identify and address evolving and dynamic cybersecurity threats.


We provide on-demand access to leading Israeli cybersecurity software and specialists offering first-hand, cutting-edge, and simulator-based training designed to rapidly upskill organisations’ existing personnel against rapidly evolving threats. 


Our Software

Once an organisation’s IT network and infrastructure are breached, the damage can be so catastrophic that recovery costs can be crippling.

Who We Are

We're proud to be the only cybersecurity software & training provider in Australia delivering Israeli-led simulator-based training to upskill an organisation against rapidly evolving threats. 

Ioti is a specialist Australian cybersecurity training and software provider helping digitally-enabled organisations to effectively reduce IT RTO, build strong cybersecurity safety cultures and improve resiliency to defend against emerging cyber threats. 


The average financial impact for SME's resulting from a data breach. 

$30m -

The average financial impact for large organisations resulting from a data breach.


Malware, web-based attacks and Phishing attacks are the three most common threats.


Accelerated technology adoption and significantly increased the risk of cyber attacks. 

Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and evolving too rapidly for traditional training providers and universities to keep pace. 

We’re different from traditional Universities and Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) in Australia.


Our training isn’t delivered by academics, it’s led by frontline domain experts leading Israel’s cybersecurity threat defence. 

Adverse geo-political circumstances have forced Israel to become a cybersecurity powerhouse; boasting the world’s leading training institutions and dedicated universities, and high-growth cyber security start-ups.

We are the only cybersecurity education provider in Australia delivering mission-critical training and professional development led by highly-trained career specialists who are actively engaged in Israel’s cybersecurity threat defence. 


Our Training

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Tailored Learning

We're focused on delivering non-generic learning pathways including material tailored to your industry and organisational needs.

Safety Culture

Training quality is all about building a sustainable and durable culture of safety, not merely focusing on the latest technology.


Our cohort of training providers are accredited world-leading cybersecurity domain experts leading Israel's threat defence.


Threat risk and reliable countermeasures are evolving in real time. Our content is hyper-relevant and mission critical. 

Unlike traditional universities and registered training organisations, our training isn't delivered by academics. It's led by Israeli frontline cybersecurity practitioners. 

Introducing Simulated Training

Cyberium is a high-end cybersecurity training simulator offering a diverse suite of live-fire scenarios where students can learn, test and enhance their defence capabilities in real time.

Cyberium is an industry-leading cybersecurity simulator which trains students how to identify a cyber attack and determine how to respond. Students also learn how to spot potential vulnerabilities in their organisation’s network, so they can be addressed before an attacker has a chance to exploit them.


Our Israeli-led Capability

Israel has become a cybersecurity powerhouse; boasting the world’s leading institutions, start-ups, and practitioners.

As a nation living under the constant threat of cyberwarfare, Israel recognises that the most critical ingredient in an effective cybersecurity defence capability is its people.


Israel has invested heavily in world-leading research and education, beginning in middle school and culminating in six university research centres dedicated to cybersecurity. 

Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and evolving too rapidly for organisations to keep pace, all the while Australia is facing a critical shortage of highly skilled cybersecurity professionals.

We provide access to a cohort of leading cybersecurity professionals and software providers in Israel so organisations can rapidly upskill their workforce, build sustainable cultures of safety and mount a credible threat defence.


Impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 has resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of attack vectors being exploited by cybercriminals. Australian organisations are increasingly viewed as lucrative targets and soft targets.